"growing up, I always had an urge to create something"

Mariam Abdallah is a broadcast journalism and political science student eagerly awaiting her next opportunity. As a child, CNN was her favorite channel--seriously. She was enamored with news tickers and graphics and appreciated the way the world was brought right to her TV screen. Now as young woman she hopes to work with a major news network in television news production.

Her news background in school has not stopped her from creating content for her beauty blog and YouTube channel. She has a passion for makeup and beauty and works to curate influencers for brands such as COCOTIQUE.

"her multi-faceted personality allows for her knowledge of how to do almost everything!"

Her mother purchased a laptop for her as a gift when she was 12. That is when everything started. Everyday, Mariam sat at the computer for hours designing cards, brochures, certificates.

She also taught herself to code using HTML, and in turn created websites. She downloaded various editing softwares and learned to edit videos. This led to her creating her first blog "" a beauty and lifestyle blog centered around Women of Color and a YouTube channel that has amassed over 779,000 views.

As a broadcast journalism major, she considers herself a 'Multimedia Journalist'. She has applied herself to the many different areas of television news. In 2016, she began work on a daily news show, "News Briefs" as the Associate Producer and in months was promoted to the Producer of the show. Starting 2017, she is the Field Reporter for another news show that is produced by SUNY Plattsburgh's Television Station (PSTV). She researches stories, shoots them and edits them for air.

She dabbles in graphic design. This helped her open an online store, "Mariam Abdallah Design", that provides custom pre-made personal branding materials such as business cards, resumes and logos.

That isn't all!

She hopes to launch a podcast, talking about everything and anything because that is simply how her mind works. Look out for "Full Scope", a podcast by Mariam Abdallah.