Adding a Social Media Wall to Your Blog/Website


Over the past few months, I've been working on my personal/demo website. I've built this one and I am extremely proud of it! I will say that I admired a lot of other broadcast students sites and I learn a lot from them. One of them being, a social media wall.

Social Media has become such a big part of so many industries. Being a news fanatic, I use Twitter multiple times daily to see quick snippets of news stories and headlines. I really wanted to add my Twitter to my site because of how much I aggregate on it daily.

After searching, and searching, I finally found a service that was perfect for me. See my wall in action here! I use Juicer. Why do I love it? Well for one, it offers a free version which is perfect for my needs. The design is clean and easy to read. I love how it displays my tweets! You can add other sources as well.


What to look for when choosing a social media wall?

  • Pricing

    • It all comes down to your needs. Most services are paid-only and those that are free limit how many sources you can connect to. This might be a plus if you'll only be using it for say, Twitter and Instagram. But if you're looking for a full service, multiple source service browse the paid options.
  • Media Sources:

    • This ties in with price. Make sure that with whatever service you choose, you will be able to connect your accounts to it. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, Pinterests, the works! Also, try to keep a theme going. I am not connecting my Instagram because it is more for personal posting. If you want it to be personal, connect personal accounts. If you're looking for a more professional wall, then connect those accounts.
  • Website Compatibility:

    • Please make sure that you can embed your social wall onto your site. A copy and paste code is great for most websites and blogs. Research from your host, ex. Squarespace, Wordpress, Blogger, Weebly, if you will be able to connect your wall.

Now that you know just how much I love Twitter, go ahead and follow me, @MariamAbdallah

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