Daily Email News Skims

Even as a Broadcast Journalism student, it can be very hard to keep up with the news. I actually love to watch the news each day, but the time escapes me on most days. To make sure I stay up-to-date on what is going on in the world, I subscribe to daily news newsletters. These have become popular for the reasons I stated above, not everyone has the time to read full stories or watch newscasts.


I subscribe to a couple of these newsletters. I am going to go down the line and explain my favorites and not-so favorites.



I really tried to like TheSkimm, it seems to be the most popular at the moment. I had to unsubscribe because I felt that it was too long for it to be a 'skim'. It consisted of paragraphs that combined all of the headlines together. This defeated the purpose for me, but I can definitely see how others would love it. It also contains, birthdays and inspirational quotes.


CNN's Five Things

I love Five Things because it is concise and gets straight to the point. The language isn't too serious which is perfect for just waking up. It also has photos!

Quartz Daily Brief

Quartz is a newer news source, and daily brief is brand spanking new as well. I like that it is simple, short and gets to the point. It is a longer one, unlike Five Things but I like it much more than TheSkimm.

Some others I haven't tried:

  • NextDraft
  • The Daily Water Cooler
  • Need 2 Know
  • Daily Beast, Cheat Sheet
  • LinkedIn Pulse

I highly recommend subscribing to a bunch of these newsletters and seeing which ones work best. I find that they all offer something different, which is intriguing considering they all do the same thing.