Simple Steps to Creating an Amazing Resume

Write down all that you've accomplished, learned:

This will help you target what you wish to do in the future, after all, that is why you are sending a resume out right?

Include a profile section:

This should have your current position, location, and your goals. Don't make it more than 3 sentences though, most of this goes into your Cover Letter anyway. I think this is a way to introduce yourself to whomever is reading!

Include your interests:

We can get caught up listing all of our superhuman abilities. It can help to add in what makes you human. Try to tie these interests in with your field. My interest include; reading, organizing, and traveling.

Spruce up your template:

My biggest pet peeve is seeing those generic resumes, 12 pt font, Times New Roman... With all the amazing templates on Etsy, Creative Market, and might I add, there is no excuse for an ugly resume. Also, if you are skilled in graphic design, it wouldn't hurt to create one of your own. That could be a great selling point.

Add in your skills:

Many of us forget to include our various skills on our resumes. Take a look at the snippet of my resume below, I have a section where I list professional and technological skills. Listing tech skills is extremely important in most of the industries today. Don't be afraid to be specific; if you know you are a great team builder, add that in too!

Use key words:

Try to sprinkle in words specific to your industry. Mine is Broadcast News Production. So I made sure to explain my job experiences with world like conceptualize, pitch, graphic, aggregate, etc. Spice up your language to make your tasks stand out to a recruiter.