Take a look at some news packages I have produced as a one-man-band reporter for various news shows. These include researching stories, interviewing experts and non-experts, shooting and editing, and creating graphics.

Inside ChoralFest

Package by Mariam Abdallah, April 2017.

I went behind the scenes of the annual concert, ChoralFest. The event celebrates the voices of a choral ensemble at SUNY Plattsburgh. Take a look at what it takes to put the event together.

#HealWithIt Campaign Within the SUNY Plattsburgh Campus

Package by Mariam Abdallah, April 2017.

The PR department at SUNY Plattsburgh worked on the #HealWithIt Campaign. The campaign's mission is to highlight mental health on campus as well as promote solidarity between students.

'Safe Spring Break' Campaign at SUNY Plattsburgh

Package by Mariam Abdallah, March 2017.

'Safe Spring Break' is an annual campaign hosted by SUNY Plattsburgh. The goal is to provide education to students to be prepared for Spring Break trips and vacations. The school's Health Department hopes to increase the reach of the campaign by collaborating with more community sponsors.

SUNY System's Efforts Towards Sanctuary Status

Package by Mariam Abdallah, February 2017.

The State University of New York is gearing up to becoming a sanctuary for students potentially affected by travel bans and deportation ordered by the Trump Administration. Student government at schools including SUNY Plattsburgh, SUNY New Paltz and Stony Brook are working towards passing legislation.